awakening, seeing into one's true nature



Kirsty is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist (RYT500) and registered with Yoga Alliance. Kirsty started her journey into Yoga in 2010 to help her mental health and find balance and for the stillness, the calm, the breath (pranayama) and the wellness, something that is hard to achieve in this climate. This soon fuelled a drive to explore and play with the movements, challenge herself and gain that breath to body connection. Realising Yoga was more than just a physical practice, Kirsty integrated Yoga into her everyday life, off the mat as well as on the mat and soon realised that Yoga is a continuous journey of self enquiry that she feels everyone should have the opportunity to explore.

With a daily Yoga practice and connection to Nature, Kirsty has found both beneficial and essential to life and her mental health. Now she shares this with others, providing opportunity not only to explore the healing benefits of Yoga, but to do this with the support of the nature therapy, bringing people back to their roots, find and feel the connection with the earth and thus creating a self care daily practice to stay attuned and grounded. 


If you have ever been curious about Yoga, there are many ways

to allow it to become part of your life.
Yoga is beneficial on a number of levels. It is an ancient practice dating back to pre-vedic times and has been accustomed to the western world in many styles. 
Yoga can bring increased flexibility, tone and aid weight loss.

But more importantly Yoga can help balance the body and mind.

Studies have proven Yoga helps relieve anxiety, stress and depression. Simply becoming aware of our breath has a huge positive impact in our day to day lives, it can help to manage


in a mindful and simple way. 
Yoga is now being suggested to patients through the NHS for management of a number of conditions and Yoga as therapy is becoming ever popular. 
It's a passion of Kirsty's to share this practice with people and to

do so with sensitivity and awareness allowing you to take what

you need and develop and empower your own personal Yoga journey. 


Yoga should be accessible for everyone, adults, children, parents, and the elderly. A variety of class styles are available to join, or if classes aren't for you, maybe a one-one? Bring wellbeing to the workplace, team building, small groups, and special events. Details can be found below on the  full class schedule, different styles of classes on offer to you and their locations.



Kirsty teaches different styles of yoga in different classes, from beginners yoga, to a lovely strong vinyasa flow or if you just want to slow your practise down and regain that breath to body connection. Kirsty's classes are available to all ablities. Please get in touch with any questions.


Weekly Parent & Child Classes are a lovely way to spend time with your child, supporting each other through poses, fun games, whilst also keeping it to a traditional practise allowing children to really understand what Yoga is all about. 
Kirsty also teaches in Schools around Powys and Shropshire for Early Years, KS1 and KS2.


Never practised Yoga before? Want to start from scratch? Or don't like the thought of a group class? Kirsty offers private 1-1 classes, for individuals, or even small groups in a studio environment or even in your own home. Classes are tailored to suit your needs and what you want to work on.


Various locations within Wales & Shropshire

Offered to Adults or Families  


We all need time to heal whether it be from past trauma, recovery from isolation, energetic in-balances, stress, exhaustion, or just time out from the constant noise of the modern demanding society. 

Wild Healing mini retreats offer the combination of yoga, breathwork, meditation, re-wilding, energy healing, combined with  drawing in the elements of nature to assist grounding techniques and to regain connection with the natural world.  Each event will be focused to natures elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and using these elements to find balance within our own energetic flow or Qi. 


Our experience with this pandemic has demonstrated the value in green spaces as they have proved to be havens for communities and will be a sustainable and valuable way to maintaining a physical and mental health.

These events will provide a connection with nature and a respect and love for being part of the natural world, whilst discovering wellbeing and healing is within nature itself and invaluable to our every day lives. 

Wild Healing will be provided in a mini retreat at various wild spaces across Wales and Shropshire, you can choose your event based on what green space and activities you prefer. 

What to expect: 

Fire circle, intention setting, energy healing with reiki master, healing yoga in response to the energy session, wild swimming or bathing (dependant on location), nature meditation, yoga therapy, forest bathing, yin yoga & yoga nidra.

Wild Healing retreats are available as half day or full day retreats for adults, or workshops for families. If you have any enquiries or would like to offer these events at your premises, please get in touch directly



MORNING YOGA 11.00-12.00 @ Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant Village Hall

YOGA FOR KIDS  (7-10yrs)  4.15-5.00pm @ Loft Yoga & Wellness Oswestry (starts 21st June)

YIN YOGA  5.30-6.30pm @Loft Yoga & Wellness Oswestry

GENTLE YOGA (Beginners/All)  7.00-8.00pm @ Loft Yoga & Wellness Oswestry 


YOGA THERAPY SESSIONS  (by appointment only) @ Loft Yoga & Wellness Oswestry 

PRANAYAMA (Breathwork) & MEDITATION  5.30-6.30pm  @ Loft Yoga Wellness Oswestry

VINYASA FLOW  7.00-8.00pm  @ Loft Yoga & Wellness Oswestry 



OUTDOOR YOGA FOR ALL -  9.30-10.30am @ Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant Football Field (PAYG)

CANDLELIGHT YOGA NIDRA (Deep Relaxation)   7.00-8.15pm  @ Loft Yoga & Wellness Oswestry  (runs on the last Sunday of every month)



Please contact me directly




Parent & Child Class

After not long having my little girl I was introduced to Satori Yoga by my son who was enjoying Kirsty's yoga classes so much at school, he wanted to do the parent/child class and share the experience. I'm so glad he did! Fantastic valuable time with my boy and brilliant for body/mind/soul, great fun, great people, great atmosphere and fantastic instructor. We now have our own yoga mats so we can practice at home too. Can't recommened highly enough!

Amy Massey

Online Classes

Just did one of Kirsty's online classes and it was brilliant - just what  I needed! Very effective and clear guidance, lots of encouragement and positive motivation throughout. Loved trying a new pose I've never tried before, with lots of options and variations for all levels. Thank you Kirsty

Natasha Slinn

Vinyasa Flow

A very relaxed class, can be challenging but also rewarding getting into a good variety of postures. Kirsty is an excellent teacher and always checks if we are correctly positioned. Always feel better after a Satori Yoga class!

Meg Morris